Cruelty Free Hair and Makeup Courses

Welcome to the London MakeUp School

Join us on this journey to revolutionise the makeup and hair industry.
We are building an Army!

At the London Makeup School and London Hair Academy, our mission is in teaching cruelty free values and practices to a new generation of hair and makeup professionals. Invest in your future with us and we will make better choices in how we spend the money you entrust us with. As an established and respected training academy, we will not only educate the future hairdressers and makeup artists, but also the everyday person on what you invest in within the beauty industry.

Our hashtag #CrueltyisnotBeautiful will be the flying flag for our new code of ethics.

So, if you are an ethical hair and make-up brand, an activist, Vlogger/Blogger, social media influencer, ethical investor or just someone who is a passionate advocate for a better world, we invite you to join us!