Avant Garde Hair Styling Course

Course Content: Practical and theoretical
Time: 1 Week (10.00am – 4.30pm)
Price: £1245 (includes VAT)

Finance Options: Payl8r logo Flexible monthly instalments
Portfolio: Live Models


Course Description

Avant Garde hair styling is an experimental, innovative and artistic course and teaches students how to think outside of the box with their creative talents. It pushes the boundaries of creativity and stretches the imagination of individuals.

// Who is this course for?
To enrol for this course you must be an experienced hair stylist or have completed our Professional  Hair Styling course or another Training Academy equivalent. 

// What will I learn during this course?

This course teaches students the basics of Avant Garde hair styling and builds a foundation where students can further develop their skills

This course includes:

  • Research and designing hair styles from idea, to concept, students will gather inspiration from media, books and the in depth knowledge of London Makeup School experts to begin drafting their visualised looks.
  • Understand and learn how to create different styles using different materials, by using a mixture of craft, household and specialist materials. Students will begin the creative process of making individual pieces for their Avant Garde design.
  • Create different textures with straighteners, tongs, rollers, blow dryers.
  • Working with different styles of hair pieces to create structure and shapes.
  • Working with coloured hair pieces and using coloured hair sprays.
  • Learn how to create hair pieces
  • Students will be allowed to keep certain designs
  • Preparation of hair for use under wigs and hair pieces.
  • Industry tips and tricks for long lasting hold and definition.
  • Different hair styles for editorial, fashion, beauty and catwalk
  • LMS Certificate awarded upon completion of the course

Students are welcome to bring in a camera  to take photos during this course.

// What can I do with this course?

Students will be able to work within the industry and cater to clients who require extreme hair styling, editorial and fashion looks.

// What courses can I progress onto?

Students can expand their skills further by completing our Avant Garde Makeup course, or explore other areas of hair and makeup such as our Beginners Hair Cutting course, Fashion and Photographic Makeup course, or Glamour Makeup course.

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