The London Makeup School and The London Hair Academy are going cruelty Free!

From 1st August 2018 we at London Makeup School and London Hair Academy began an ambitious transition to be 100% animal cruelty free within the next 12 months. To make our vision a reality, we are dropping some big names from our supplier list and will be looking to partner with new brands. Being a great British brand ourselves, we are giving priority to other British hair and make-up brands who share the same values.

Together, we aim to revolutionise an industry that has been synonymous with cruelty to animals. We will stand for better practices. Our training will use ethical products sourced with cruelty-free suppliers. Most of all, we pledge to promote a new set of values including reducing plastic waste, pushing for bio degradable packaging and better working conditions in factories.

Ultimately, we are pushing for all big brands in the industry to stop testing on animals.

Read about our directors vision.

  • Show your love and support

    If you are an ethical hair and make-up brand, an activist, Vlogger/Blogger, social media influencer, or just a vegan who is a passionate advocate for a better world, we invite you to join us. Please contact our marketing team for more info.

  • Look for the logo that indicates a cruelty free course

    Over the next few months we will be highlighting what courses we have already transitioned over to cruelty-free.

  • Invest in your future

    Invest in your future with us and we will make better choices in how we spend the money you entrust us with.