How to become a Makeup artist

Why pursue a career as a professional makeup artist? Someone once said to me, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. For so many of us, that isn’t a 9 to 5 desk job in stuffy offices watching the clocks tick by, it is a job where we can be ourselves and express our passion. A career in makeup is just that, it is a career in creativity, imagination and art.

With the sphere of fashion and beauty constantly changing and growing, the possibilities for your vision to become a makeup artist are endless. Every day there is a new trend, a new style to master, filtering across from international realms, from the futuristic movies, the billboards of dazzling cities and the spreads of breath-taking magazines. If you want in, to the inner world of the beauty industry, and you want to express your artistry and creativity, becoming a makeup artist may just be the ticket for you. With the chance to let your own personality shine, you also get to express yourself by bringing joy to other people.

The perks as a makeup artist are plentiful. First if you go freelance, there’s flexibility. The work hours may be irregular, but it gives you the flexibility to do other things as well. If you join a team, you may well end up doing exciting highbrow fashion shows and adventurous photo shoots which.

The possibilities for career opportunities are widespread and extensive, there is not a limit or geographical area to tame you. There are opportunities in, salons, spas, beauty schools, retail, high fashion, catwalks, film, TV, red carpets, wedding bridal makeup… There are so many avenues out there to explore! Like barbering, there is a revival in this career, and is not just limited to our home turf, it is global – according to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics, it is ever-expanding by a rate of 10%! Makeup artists are gaining popularity and there looks to be no signs of stopping yet.

Social media has played a huge part in this – word of mouth is now amplified by the world of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, building a wide client base is so much easier – with clients telling their friends and a clever use of social media, these can become remarkable marketing tools for the contemporary makeup artist.

Establishing a portfolio on social media is just one of the tips and tricks makeup artists can hone to become a success. When first starting out, practicing on friends and family and keeping pictures of all of the work done is recommended. No one practices enough; even the experts can always do more.

Think of your craft as requiring as much effort as a classically trained musician or dancer, hours of practice on as many various faces and skin types as possible is the best way to build up the basics and get the foundations for a long, multitalented career. Newcomers and professional makeup artists alike, mastery of the basics means more complicated complex looks are likely to be met with success.

This is not saying do not try out explorative and adventurous looks, being adventive on top of your basic skills is a must and the only way to grow and evolve. Expert makeup artists recommending duplicating looks you see on current celebrities, replicate makeup looks in advertisements from the major campaigns, and follow an assortment of artists, agencies, celebrities, magazines, blogs to keep up to date with latest trends, techniques and competition.

Saying that, a golden rule: do not get carried away! It can be so easy getting swept up in the Instagram fads (or not, in the case of the feathered and wavy brown trends) and buying the new shimmery lip kit on the block, but having a well cultivated, well built up kit of good reliable products is vital.

As a makeup artist, your professional makeup kit is your best friend. They are your weapons of choice and the source to your income. Granted, they take time to build and can be a financial investment, so many spend lots of time researching their products, honing down brands, and determining how many colour palettes to carry with them.